Repository Policies


To create a digitized database of documents about Sunway Education Group to serve as the institutional memory.


  1. Provide a centralised source of primary source materials that will be of use to document fully the history, identity and character of Sunway Education Group.
  2. Increased accessibility to and visibility of Sunway Education Group resources. In digitized form, the resources will be available to multiple internal users via the network.
  3. Preserve the primary source materials of the Sunway Education Group.


  1. Scope: Items about Sunway Education Group and their antecedent organizations, published by the Sunway Education Group entities, and external sources.
  2. Formats: Resources in all formats will be included, such as print materials, photographs, audio-visual recording, web resources.
  3. Language: Principal language of items in the repository is English.
  4. Source Types:New Sources
    • the authors, title and full bibliographic details are given
    • a hyperlink and/or URL are given for the original metadata page
    • the original copyright statement is given
    • the content is not changed in any way

    Sunway Education Group publications, except academic publications, such as Sunway Academic Journal and unpublished papers of Sunway Education Group organised conferences, seminars. These are currently indexed in the Sunway Institutional Repository.

    • Annual reports, strategic reports and other administrative reports;
    • Magazines, newsletters, such as Blaze, UP2, Connections; a newsletter of the Counselling Unit; The Compass, Echo Media.
    • Prospectus, Programme book
    • Inaugural lectures - announcement, transcript / recording of lecture
    • Convocation and graduation programmes, recordings of events
    • Ephemera of events organised by Sunway Education Group, such as posters, brochures

    External sources, i.e. those published/created by other bodies, other than Sunway Education Group. e.g. reports, journal articles, websites with at least 20% of its contents about Sunway Education Group and affiliated personalities.

    Photographs which are published or unpublished.


  1. Metadata is created using EPrints, an open access software developed by the University of Southampton.
  2. Subject headings assigned are from Thesaurus for Use in College and University Archives, compiled and edited by Kate Bowers. Society of American Archivists, 2009.
  3. The metadata may be accessed free of charge.
  4. The metadata may be re-used in any medium without prior permission for not-for-profit purposes provided the OAI Identifier or a link to the original metadata record are given.
  5. The metadata may not be reused for commercial purpose without formal permission.

Access to Contents

  1. The Archives will be available to staff and students of the University, academic scholars and members of the public.
  2. Materials are tagged with different access rights.
  3. Access to materials containing personnel and student data will not be available under the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010
  4. Access to materials is subject to copyright laws. Contents may be used for private study or research, provided the authors, title and full bibliographic details are acknowledged, the contents are not changed in any way. Downloading or reproduction in excess of “fair dealing” may constitute copyright infringement.
  5. Mention of the Archive is appreciated but not mandatory.


  1. Materials will be retained indefinitely.
  2. The Archives will try to ensure continued readability and accessibility of all materials in the repository
  3. The Archives regularly backs up files according to best current practice
  4. Should an item be removed, it will not be deleted but removed from public view
  5. In the event of the Archive being closed down, the database will be transferred to another appropriate repository.